Hi Old Silver, No More Away.

Tea Service

Silver tea set gathering dust? Keep it in use by repurposing it. My mom sent me a tear sheet from some magazine (not sure which, but it is awful, cheap paper) that advocated using the creamer to store Q-tips, julip cups, sugar bowls and the like were stuffed with cotton balls and makeup brushes, etc. But my favourite comment/tip was to use your crystal decanter for mouthwash! A great idea, providing that the decanter isn’t full lead crystal (unless you go through mouthwash very quickly.)

Now where to find one of those little silver plaques engraved with “Listerine®” to hang around its neck?

In my office, I use julep cups to hold pencils and a cigar box to hold correspondence cards and a few odds and ends. But I like the idea of being able to get the silver out. An old cigarette box is great to use for cufflinks or your watch and looks very elegant on your bureau. Now what could be easier?

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