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Rear Admiral Alan G. Kirk, USN 1943
(Rear Admiral Alan G. Kirk, USN on his way to Sicily, 1943. Photo Department of the Navy Somehow he pulls it off. The genuine article.)

It’s a dreary day here in Richmond. 34ºF and freezing rain. I am unshaven, and since I didn’t have class today and had to venture into the weather, I have on my version of foul weather gear: Jawbone® bluetooth device (I drive a standard), tweed cargo pants, GSG9 boots, technical fabric t-shirt, black cashmere half-zip sweater, waterproof deerskin (shooting) gloves, rolled up balaclava and Barbour jacket. “There’s no such thing as bad weather,” said Instructor McGuire, “just bad gear.”

I feel terrible.

Well not terrible, terribilitá? I feel like I should be better armed and grimacing. I definitely shouldn’t be driving a Jetta with two children in the back.


All of which brings me to my point. Clothing, like the music we choose to which we choose to listen, can radically alter our moods. The next time you feel like your biorhythms are low, the weather’s lousy, or you just can’t believe it’s Monday, dress accordingly. Have a perfect sartorial happiness day. Wear whatever it takes to elevate your mood and put a song in your heart and a spring in your step.

At home? Belgian slippers, cashmere socks, moleskin trousers, oxford cloth shirt and a cashmere sweater will do much for your mood.

At work? Your best suit — the one you wear for a first date/cocktails — French-cuffed shirt, heaviest silk tie, pocket square, superfine merino wool socks, highly polished captoes or those perfect suede shoes. Wear a boutonnière if you can get away with it. Women: silks, suedes, cashmeres, pearls, exotic skin shoes … you know your closets better than I.

I’m going upstairs now to change into something far more elegant. And like the song reference in the title “…no more blue songs, only hoop-de-do songs.” Happy weekend.

4 thoughts on “From This Moment On

  1. My favorite hat is a suede floppy brimmed hat. Even on he gloomiest of days, compliments pour out. Ooh, just love your hat. I think it is very “Paddington-ish”
    Paddington Bear-ish that is!

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