Carnation Breakfast

Breakfast Carnations

This is something that very few men seem willing to do: buy flowers. And I don’t get it. So I’ll come clean, I love flowers. I like giving them, I like getting them (a Spanish poet friend used to bring me a bunch of sunflowers for my birthday) and I really like having them in the home.

I don’t buy them often enough.

Flowers brighten a room, a dinner table and they certainly brighten a breakfast tray, which is what these carnations were destined for after I took the picture. They cost all of USD$1.99.

Try this for the weekend. Your significant other will appreciate it (along with fresh squeezed orange juice.)

Find a little silver cup (this is one of my children’s baby gifts, repurpose your own or find one at an antique store, which are full of similarly sized silver cups.) Polish it. Take the flowers and cut off the stems until the flowers are the right height to just touch the rim of the cup. Hold the stems together with a rubber band. Add water. Enjoy.

The best part? You have a boutonnière for your lapel that evening.

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