A Convenience Truth

Al Gore Inconvenient
(Green suits him.)

I heard a brief snippet on NPR today and thought I’d pass along a thought for the day. Going green can be as simple as jumping off the fashion bandwagon.

Yes, quality ready-to-wear fashions are easier to find than ever before. And yes, you can buy knock off fashions mere moments after they appear on the runway. And yes, it is certainly easier and more convenient to buy cheaply, quickly and off-the-peg, rather than searching out the few resources available that offer real investment clothing.

But we pay for that convenience.

Current fashion, by its very definition, will be unfashionable by next season. Last season’s style will languish in the back of the closet. (Or, in the case of the leisure suit of the 70’s, in a landfill until it breaks down into its component fossil fuel elements.) By contrast, investing in timeless, very well-constructed pieces of clothing gives you bragging rights in the green movement.

Growing, harvesting and processing the raw materials that go into making disposable, fashionable clothing leaves behind a significantly larger carbon footprint than, say, going bespoke will. especially if your material is sourced from cottage industries like those that produce Harris Tweed. So, by extrapolation, making a one-time investment in an article of clothing that you (and possibly your children and grandchildren) will wear for many more years is doing the world a favour.

Buy timeless clothing and buy the world a little more time.

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