V-E’s Day

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For the delicious Mrs. E and me, Valentine’s Day present something of a dilemma. Should we stay in and have a delectable dinner with very good wine? Alone or with friends? Should we trust ourselves to a restaurant? (after New Year’s Eve, I’m a bit wary.) Should we forgo presents to buy another painting?

This year, I’ve started off on an optimistic note. I’ve ordered a case of organic, sparkling pink wine… I’ll let you know the details after the first bottle has been opened.

Now the question is: do we share with friends? After all, if it weren’t for a mutual friend we would never have met.

Well, we’ll figure it out.

In the meantime, if you are single or not dating, or jaded, consider this an opportunity to loose a little easy elegance into your world. Throw a party.

One of the best ideas for a party — ever — came from our friend, The Architect. He would throw an annual Valentine’s Day Party. The response was always tremendous and the parties were legendary. Did he eschew all things romantic? Not in the least. He had all the trappings, flutes of champagne, silver trays of chocolate dipped strawberries, lush red roses in sparkling crystal vases, polished silver, linen napkins… Add a little Gershwin, Lady Day and Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra and you’ve got an evening to remember.

This year, play cupid for your crowd. If you hurry, there’s just enough time to order your invitations.

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