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The Year of Living Elegantly

In the Pink
Has everyone recovered? My year didn’t get off to the most auspicious start. Which, like finding a scorpion in your wedding boot or whatever, is probably supposed to be good luck.

You will have noticed that posts older than the 29th December have no images associated with them. Yeah. I have a lot of reworking to do. Thank you for your patience.

And, if you ventured anywhere near our local five star hotel and restaurant, you will have noticed that elegance, if not dead, has been given last rites and isn’t expected to survive the week. I won’t go into details, as I have been taught that it is rude to speak ill of the dead.

Instead, I will concentrate on happier thoughts. Specifically, my new year’s resolution to live as elegantly as I can. My year of living elegantly started off very late last year. I had a good lesson on New Year’s Eve at 11:55 PM from Hamilton (he for whom the Hamilton cocktail is named.) In the face of the fiasco that the evening and our tenth anniversary celebration had become, Hamilton steadfastly refused to be anything but charming and fun. Even when faced with a bill that looked as if it were for the whole party. Including the band.

So here, then, is the lesson of the day. Elegance is attitude.

And by “attitude” you will know that I don’t mean “‘tude.” I don’t even mean maintaining your cool — “gardez votre sang-froid” the French say. That chilly reserve is difficult for me. Must be my Mediterranean blood.

No, I mean something more innocent. I mean maintaining that outlook on life that springs from knowing that no matter what, whatever is happening probably isn’t life-threatening and certainly won’t matter nearly as much in the long run.

In Hamilton’s words: “Who cares? We’re all here together. Let’s have some more champagne.”

Because he’s right. And there is very little that a bottle of champagne won’t take the edge off of. Elegance comes from within. This year I resolve to see things in a more elegant light. And to surround myself with elegant people and things in the hope that, if only through osmosis, some of it will rub off on me.

But I’m stocking up on more champagne to help me through the learning curve.

7 thoughts on “The Year of Living Elegantly

  1. Cheers!
    “I only drink champagne when I’m happy, and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.” Lily Bollinger

  2. Hello Elegant–I’m posting this comment way back here because I couldn’t locate your e-mail address on this blog and was wondering if you’d be so kind as to send me an e-mail? I have a quick question . . .

  3. The Jefferson has made good on our evening. I understand that the restaurant will be closing for “reconcepting” (not our doing, I assure you.) Everyone makes mistakes. Customer Service is what happens afterwards. While things took a while to get resolved, they were resolved in the end. I remain hopeful that we will have a continue to have a restaurant worthy of the hotel’s history.

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