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Pandora’s Box of Delights

Music Box
(image of the Porter Music Box from: Music House Museum)

I assume that you all have heard of Pandora. Not she of the too curious bent, but rather the website.

In this fable, it turns out that Pandora has a music box.

This is a brilliant piece of work by a team who obviously believes in the power of the internet to bring joy. Here’s the premise: sign up for free, create a “station” by adding artists or genres of music and Pandora reaches out to grab other artists that fit the profile. Then you listen to the wonderfulness and marvel that someone has managed to create the best music station in the world. (That would be you.) Want to program the perfect dinner party? Hook the laptop to the stereo and key in Bill Evans. You’ll find that Cannonball Adderly, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Bud Powell come along for the evening. And then you’ll get some other folks (Bill Charlap, George Shering and a bunch of others who are new to me) who stop by to jam.

Of course, you can pay to be an ad free listener and support the project, too. That’s going to run you the princely sum of USD$36 a year. About $90 cheaper than my previous recommendation of Live365‘s VIP membership.

Let’s here it for the Music Genome Project®. Perfect for your dinner party this weekend. Log on and be amazed before it all gets caught up in the “how do we tax it?” loop. A more elegant or easier solution to sound designing your environment has yet to be invented.

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