My Word!

My Word! With Frank Muir and Denis Norden
With your hosts Frank Muir and Denis Norden. This was a radio show that may have saved my sanity while I was existing in Muncie, IN. (A book was written about Muncie. It was entitled “Middletown in Transition: A Study of Cultural Conflicts.”) They began together on the show in 1956 and made us laugh out loud for the next forty-three years.

My Word! was “Light Weekend Entertainment” at its best. The show required the contestants on the panel to ansswer qustions about the origins of words and in the end, to weave a story around a well-known phrase.My Word! Confession is Good for the Soul. is a typical example of the urbane charm and erudite fare that awaited the listener at the end of each episode.

It was a different time. (You can hear it in the sometimes plummy Oxbridge accents, particularly Muir’s, who can’t quiet pronounce his “r’s.” He would have said: “phroe-nounce.”) But what a time we had.

Give a listen and make a note to be exceedingly sophisticated and witty at your next cocktail party.

Download an episode or two here

Find a stream to listen to here

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