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Attila, the Tailor


Yup, it’s official; I’m part corkscrew. The right shoulder is a little off. Of course, I should have caught this, but my tailor shop doesn’t have a 3-way mirror and the first time I saw the back (where I can really see the difference) was with these shots. The shoulder is a little snug. Attila — that’s he with me and Larry Wood, co-owner of Leviner-Wood, in the third photo– is building it up with a small shoulder pad to see if it can be corrected. He will also be making up my matching vest.

The bandaged chin is my fault; I was too twitchy to try and shave and I was out of “liquid bandage.” Highly recommeded

8 thoughts on “Attila, the Tailor

  1. why you are not corkscrew at all, quite debonair sporting a bandage.
    we are all unique and every inherent flaw should be thought of a beautiful!
    lucky you to have an Attila the Hun to add a bit of padding!

  2. I have the same problem. My old tailor never caught it because he’d just adjust the sleeves to my wrist break, but my new one, (new being four years now) did one, then got out a ruler and measured the other, and after several subsequent measurements announced that my right shoulder was 1 1/4″ higher than the left.

    These days I have my suits made for me so it’s not a worry, but last year I inherited a Gieves and Hawkes of my grandfather’s and surprise, he had the same issue but even more pronounced.

    Now I have to find a tailor that will let down suit sleeves that have surgeon’s cuffs…

  3. Are all the button holes cut on your grandfather’s suit? That might help. If not, I’m not sure there is much that can be done.

    Hi Mrs. PVE, I’m hoping that Attila can work a little magic. The design of the shoulder will have to be tweaked on the paper pattern for the next go-round. In the meantime, I have begun mixing my martinis by stirring with my LEFT hand, in an attempt to drop a little muscle from the right deltoid.

  4. No, just the bottom two unbutton. I’m told they did this so they could be adjusted, but my tailor won’t do it… So I’m looking for one that will… You used to live in DC, do you know any? I live in Rosslyn…

  5. I, too, lived in Rosslyn once. Behind the Iwo Jima Memorial. The building is now gone.. At any rate, when I lived in Washington, I had access to the tailors at my stores (Britches of Georgetowne on Conn Ave and in Pentagon City.) But I’m not sure where they’ve gone. Should be fairly straightforward; let down the sleeve, move a button from the top and cut a new hole. I’ll ask the East Coasters on The London Lounge for you. Back in a bit.

  6. Thanks, Britches is long gone…

    And that’s where I live. Actually, it’s a house up by the Quarterdeck on 12th St. Been there since ’95. If you were there back then it has the MG’s in the driveway…

  7. Hi Scott,
    One of The London Lounge members suggests Field in Upper Georgetowne. He used him some 20 + years ago. Not sure if the shop is still there, but it might be worth a look.

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