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Dad’s Dressing Gown
There comes a time in a man’s life when he needs to wear more than a t-shirt and sweat pants to bed or upon returning from an evening out. Pyjamas fit the bill very nicely and I imagine that most of you have a pair of oxford cloth or the like. But that still leaves you padding about the penthouse in next to nothing. And it certainly does nothing if you are only partially dressed after your evening, having doffed your suit coat, shirt and tie and the door bell rings because she’s thought better about your invitation.

Enter the dressing gown. As Robert Sacheli writes on in his post on Noel Coward:

The dressing gown was the perfect camouflage. Luxurious, sensual, and slightly louche, it’s a garment made for activities no more strenuous than arching an eyebrow, no more serious than a seduction, no more practical than mixing a cocktail.

Mrs. E. and I have good friends with whom we have shared many an evening. When the city shuts down because of snow, we have been known to make the trudge to the other couple’s home carrying champagne, slippers and dressing gowns in a backpack. Likewise, our friends feel more than comfortable showing up the same way. Especially if it snows. Off come the wellies and quilted jackets, on go the dressing gowns and sippers. His, by the way, comes courtesy of Mrs. E. and me. Many a very good deal on 100% silk dressing gowns made from the 1930’s to the 1940’s can be found at the local vintage store… Here in Richmond, check out Halcyon

Don’t think you can pull it off? Make like Mr. Coward, throw a dressing gown over your formal shirt and tie when entertaining. Or like Hef, conduct business in a little more than your pyjamas and silk robe. Come to think of it, I may adopt the dressing gown as my blogging wear. I have a beauty that my Father had made in Korea or Hong Kong (pictured above.) It is black silk, shawl collared, lined in red silk and embroidered with copper characters; which I hope say something flattering.

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