A First

Dinner jacket
Last week I had my first fitting of the dinner suit that is being made up by my tailors, Leviner Wood. (The one above isn’t it.)

Sure things weren’t perfect. To begin with, this wasn’t a basted fitting as requested. The single button closure had already been cut. The lapels were a hair too wide. The pleats were reverse, not forward. The sleeves a bit too full. The right shoulder set incorrectly. And a couple of other details to tedious and small to mention were a bit off.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t get someone to take pictures…

It was wonderful.

As a matter of fact, they got really close. Especially considering that this is a made-to-measure garment. 95% of my emailed list of 30 demands had been completed and done very nicely, too. There was the grosgrain covered button, the high fishtail waist in back, the button fly, handcanvassing in the chest and a beautiful belly to the lapels. Somewhere an actual live tailor got his hands on this garment and got to work.

And he’s going to get to have another go at it. This sort of garment seems like it takes a lifetime to complete. But it will last a lifetime and look even better with age. That’s the beauty of handstitching and good fabric. And the fun of working with someone who understands what you want and even more so, what you expect.

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