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Peace on Earth

Holiday Inn Poster
I’ll have to admit to being more than a little harried this Christmas. The kids took notice of the holiday for the first time and despite repeated commentary about the “reason for the season,” the presents took over. Especially when the grandparents got into the act. Our home is awash in noisy, plastic, branded merchandise. They’re loving it.

So how does this fit into my normal posts about leading an easy and elegant life? My Christmas wish for next year is a little quiet time, especially with the kids. Maybe singing a few carols on Christmas Eve — my Mom plays the piano and can work her way around my keyboard with ease.

In the meantime, I’ll have to content myself with the repeated viewings of holiday favourites on the enormous TV. (Black and white films sample up very nicely on HD, by the way.)

Today’s recommendation is “Holiday Inn” starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire with music by Irving Berlin. To paraphrase the “review” the Inn gets: “Don’t ask why, just go watch. And God Bless America.” Yes, there are a couple of cringe inducing moments (Lincoln’s Birthday in blackface…..) but on the whole it’s a wonderful piece of filmmaking and costuming (if Mr. Astaire’s elegance can be so classified. He looks modern when many of his co-stars would stand out today.) So treat yourself to a little luxury after the madness.

“Come To Holiday Inn”
(Lyrics from SoundtrackLyrics.net)

If you’re burdened down with trouble
If your nerves are wearing thin
Pack your load down the road
And come to Holiday Inn

If the traffic noise affects you
Like a squeaky violin
Kick your cares down the stairs
And come to Holiday Inn

If you can’t find someone who
Will set your heart a whirl
Take your car and motor to
The home of boy meets girl

If you’re laid-up with a breakdown
Throw away your vitamin
Don’t get worse, grab your nurse
And come to Holiday Inn

One thought on “Peace on Earth

  1. I searched for screen shots of this movie over the holidays as the “Inn” is one of my favorite movie houses. One site said TMC owns it, but rarely shows it because of the black face scene. A shame – it is a charming movie.

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