Here’s a great gift for the audiophile on your list.

The Tivoli Platinum Series Model One Radio® in piano finish.

Not only is it a elegant piece of work and easy to operate, the sound is incredible — warm, enveloping. Using a monster cable, you can run your iPod through the speaker and deliver lush sound and a wholly different kind of listening experience. Besides, what would you rather have sitting on your desk hooked up to your laptop? Regular old speakers or one of these true hi-fi beauties? I’ve got three — a Model One in black and silver, a Model Three clock radio in cherry and silver, and a PAL in black rubber. And I wouldn’t mind a Platinum Series Model Two, hand-lacquered, walnut and beige one (or Sirius satellite service table top model one) for the “office” either…

Photo from Tivoli Audio

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