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At Home

I’ve spent all day running around trying to get things done, neglecting things that should be started (read: paying projects) for the things that need doing first… It always leaves me with a feeling of distress.

But as the unflappable Mrs. E so often points out, I can get stressed eating ice cream on a warm summer’s day.

So here I am, finally at home, where I’ve shucked my city suit and changed into … If you’ve been paying attention and are curious, you’ve already followed a link or two to A Suitable Wardrobe. Here’s another one pointing to a post that mentions the most comfortable things a man can wear at the weekend. Taking heed and in more than a little bit of need for something soothing, I dug out a pair of pumpkin-colored, flat front, moleskin trousers. A good start. The temperature is dropping nicely here inside the 100 year old house, so I topped the trousers with a navy blue cashmere turtleneck and finished off by kicking up my feet in a pair of velvet “Prince Albert” slippers. Mine are by New and Lingwood, but some rather nice ones, like those pictured above, are found at Stubbs and Wooten.

A very good alternative is my weekend uniform of wide wale corduroy trousers (usually in olive green), a Brooks Brothers button down and a cashmere crew neck. Cashmere socks by Pantherella keep things cosy when the sun begins to set. Driving shoes are very comfortable around the house and useful in the event that Mrs. E runs low on champagne.

I feel better. And isn’t that the feeling leisure wear is supposed to impart?

2 thoughts on “At Home

  1. love the shoes! i used to have a pair of S&W with labradors on them. when i moved to england, everyone laughed at them. luckily, they were getting old, so i chucked them… but i loved the shoes… zara makes slides like SW that have fun prints… i’ve got elephants, bees and a nice cheetah print.

    love your site. forwarded it to a like-minded friend at “house of beauty & culture”. google them.

  2. Thanks Fairfax! My slippers actually have lions on them, but I’m holding out to have a pair custom embroidered with our “device”– the monogram of Mrs. E’s and my initials which was hand-cut by an ancient soul at Crane.

    House of Beauty and Culture is already bookmarked. I’m getting my design eye educated courtesy of you all. It’s been a treat.

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