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Radio, Radio

You may recognize those words as the title of an early Elvis Costello song from the album “This Year’s Model” (pictured above.) Or not; especially if you listen to commercial radio. The King Rat isn’t getting too much airplay these … Continue reading

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I’ve heard from a friend in the clothing business that Oxxford has introduced a new model. The suit features a slightly shorter point-to-point measurement (across the shoulders), and a narrowere lapel. I would also guess that it has a lower … Continue reading

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Break a Few Eggs for an Easy and Elegant Meal

Omlettes, they’re not just for breakfast anymore. A quick and elegant solution for the unexpected dinner guest or the dreaded “I’m too burnt to cook” syndrome is the classic Spanish bar tapa: the Tortilla Espagñola. This is the quick (cheating) … Continue reading

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