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The Southern Secret to Surviving Summer.

I racked my brains to figure out what to post today. And then ran out of time… off to art history…. then a mile and a half walk to my hair salon (yes a salon– Salon 23 — where Lori, the owner, never EVER fails to give me a perfect haircut) and the walk back in my suit….

Sometime during my haircut the temperature topped out around 80ºF, with the humidity in the high 60th percentile. By the time I got home (I took a quick detour by a local bicyle shop to look into a city bike) I had soaked through my shirt.

Let’s see, super lightweight wool suit (120s, unlined by Oxxford), cotton poplin shirt … now what had I missed?

Of course! A liberal lashing of Gold Bond Body Powder, which is the secret to surviving summers in style in the South. It actually cools when it hits your skin, has an unobtrusive scent and can also be used in your shoes. (They sell a Gold Bond shoe powder, but I’m not sure how it differs.)

Pick up some at your local drugstore or through Amazon.com or drugstore.com. In hot weather, it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

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