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My Beach “Wardrobe”

Beach Kit

I am, for the first time ever, traveling relatively light. Which is good since the kids’ luggage takes up most of the car. The always chic Mrs. E and I are sharing a seabag for our beach vacation.Because we are in a beach town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the dress code during the high season is ….er… lax. I think that it can best be defined as “no shirt, no shoes, no service” to quote “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.  Since I am no Cary Grant, I’m not that enamoured of showing too much of my 40+ year old skin. But, the typical uniform of cargo shorts and t-shirt isn’t my cuppa, either. Above you will see my solution for hanging about the cottage or running around town in the evenings. The French Sailor Shirt was purchased in Antibes years ago. It is made by a French company – St. James – and is very comfortable and sort of dressy for a “t-shirt.” The flat front white chino shorts are by Ralph Lauren and are in almost daily use. In a concession to modern dress, I’m wearing this kit with navy blue Reef flip-flops. I highly recommend  Reefs for the comfort factor, although I am against sporting flip-flops in public most of the time. Besides, the espadrilles that I usually wear at home would turn heads here in North Carolina. And not in a good way…. The ribbon belt is by Leather Man of Essex, CT.

It’s the last gasp of summer, break out your white trousers and shorts! Dinner tonight at Elizabeth’s Winery and Cafe will see me in a navy linen blazer, blue and white butcher stripe open-collar shirt, pocket square, cream silk trousers and spectator loafers.

Sometimes the dress code is a very personal one.

2 thoughts on “My Beach “Wardrobe”

  1. Dear Mister,

    as you can tell I visit your blog and ex ante I want to let you know that I appreciate it.
    Today I stopped by and read your comment on your choice for the beach wardrobe. I like your choice a lot..
    Would it possible though that you made a mistae when you talked about your Shirt choice? Saint james is a french company after all, I thought. The homepage says so as well (http://www.saintjames-usa.com/)

    Have a pleasant week, keep up the good work,


  2. Hi Carlo,
    You’re right! Silly of me not to have checked the label. I could swear that the saleslady told me it was an English shirt….. but there it is in blue and white: “Fabrique en France, depuis 1889.” I need an ex-New Yorker fact checker; but fortuantely for me I have alert readers!

    Thank you for your kind words of support.

    Next up, my hat….


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