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Back to Earth

Well, We’ve returned from the beach to our little city. Actually, the bronzed and wind-blown Mrs. E and I returned to a hot house. 95ºF. The air conditioning upstairs was on the fritz. Two sweaty days later the relative cool and comfort has been re-established and it now only falls to me to try and reintegrate myself back into my “easy and elegant” routine.

But first things first. I’ve got to make a mental adjustment — what Jimmy Buffet would call the “change in lattitude, change in attitude.”

We’ve been back for 48 hours and have attended two parties and have a third tonight. I have two free-lance assignments waiting for me. And have just finished unpacking (mostly.) Oh, and we’ve got another house showing in about an hour. That’s the third in two days, too. Yikes. So how does one shift from mental “island time?”

Ignore the sunsets and concentrate on the city lights.

Cue a little mood music.

In this case I plan on playing a few select and sophisticated playlists. Notably, Frank Sinatra (“Fly Me to the Moon” leaps to mind), Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music (most of “Country Life” and some of “Boys and Girls”) and … what?

Oh, right… the religious wearing of long trousers for day and evening. But there’s still time to wear your white linens and spectators.

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