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That Pack

Clooney and Co. in Cannes

With the opening of “Ocean’s 13” today, I think we should tilt our collective hats to “That Pack” — George Clooney and Co. as they channel The Rat Pack during the glory days of The Summit. Is it me or have they all begun to step up the dress code and start to look like a group of… movie stars? Ring-a-ding-ding. Actually, maybe a little better than that given the current state of movie star “style.” Someone’s been doing his homework. And we’re better off for it. In fact, Richard Torregrossa reports that Mr. Clooney gave each of his co-stars a copy of Mr. Torregrossa’s wonderful book “Cary Grant Style.”

I’ve often said that it is a sad day in a young man’s life when he confronts the mirror and realizes that he will never be Cary Grant. But even Cary Grant once famously quipped that even he wanted to be Cary Grant. So it shouldn’t stop us from trying. Kudos to Mr. Clooney and Company for reminding us that we can dress like adults and still look great.

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