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“I Spy” a Great Lesson in Wearing Casual Clothing

The stars of I Spy on the plains in Spain.

(Photos from ISpy65.com)
Forget that Bill Cosby was the first black American to star in a network TV show. This show continues to be groundbreaking, and not just for great dialog and on location shoots.Even the casual viewer will appreciate the wealth of images from a time not too long ago when men dressed in suits to save the world and great American leisure wear the rest of the time. Sure some of it is dated, we don’t do a lot of terry cloth cabana sets these days, but who can argue with white jeans, flat front khakis, white sneakers or mocassins, and pale, finely woven v-neck or cardigan sweaters?
And in a gondola

None of it is earth-shattering, but a lot of it would go unnoticed in today’s world. And isn’t that always the definition of easy and elegant?

Go for yourself, Jack! Dig the wonderfulness that is “I Spy.”

I wish you would.
And even plain

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