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An Elegant Exercise Solution

Yoga Practice

Describing an exercise routine as “elegant” may be a bit of a stretch. I’m a proud graduate of the SEAL Team PT program in Richmond, VA. However, since my two children arrived on the scene, things have slacked off… let’s be honest, I’ve slacked off. Once I decided to start up a routine again, I found that I had no desire to go to a gym. I like to exercise out of doors. And I don’t like to have to invest in monthly fees or lots of equipment. So I took to running short distances, and doing lots of push-ups, situps, dips and squats.

Then my brother-in-law, Fred, pointed me towards Crossfit. Using their philosophy and videos as a tutorial, I managed to get through a half hour work out devised by Fred. I should probably mention that he’s a former Marine. At one point I was doing squats with a 30 pound Pac ‘n Play… . Quick, yes. Easy? The only easy day was yesterday. Elegant? Perhaps in its simplicity. But that’s a stretch….

Which brings me to my latest scheme to stay fit. Yoga. I signed up with Yoga Source in Carytowne and now count Tuesdays as one of the best days of the week. Once a week, I walk the half hour to my morning class and spend an hour and fifteen minutes working out.

Working out??? Yes!

There is a lot more going on in a yoga session than meets the eye. Even at the beginner hatha level. Take a look at that photo again. Holding the Warrior 1 pose for three full breaths takes some doing. Yet somehow I come out of the practice feeling like I’ve worked out, stretched out, and completely relaxed. (Full disclosure, that’s not me in the photo above.)

Elegant, Yes! After yoga, my posture is better, my outlook is sunny and I’ve stretched out the soreness from my Crossfit/Fred days.

I’ve got a long way to go, but the sessions are relatively inexpensive, I think a single class is $10 and signing up for packages gives you a couple of dollars as a break. I even borrowed a mat for the first six weeks before finally buying one for less than $10 from a local Marshall’s Discount Store. Little monetary investment, great health benefits. Few requirements for special equipment. And completely portable. Yoga can be practiced virtually anywhere. Or maybe anywhere at all.

Sounds like a very easy and elegant solution to the fitness blues.

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