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Downton Abbey Is Back.

  A man who knows whereof he speaks. Sir Julian Fellowes. FYI, I’ve read that the men’s costumes are mostly vintage and altered to save expense as one of Hugh Bonneville’s evening clothes cost in excess of BPS£4,000 to produce … Continue reading

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A Little Weekend Reading. Hardback and Digital.

Just received my copy of Sherwood's new book which delves deeper into Gentleman's “requisites”. Or should I say “requisites for exquisites”?   I am also pleased to see that The Rake has finally digitized their latest edition featuring the ever … Continue reading

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Slowing Down: Mr. Casual.

It’s pretty easy to look very good in a well-cut suit. That’s their purpose. They flatter, improve, lessen and accentuate all at the same time. The drape cut, after all, was invented to make a man look as athletic as … Continue reading

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