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Music By Which to Dress

Jut thought I’d get that into your collective head for this evening. I don’t know why, but setting the proper mood when dressing for the evening’s festivities always brings out the best in my sartorial sense. A theme like “Charade” … Continue reading

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Interjections for a Monday Morning.

I remember asking my Father what an interjection is. “F***! Tomorrow’s Monday,” was his reply. Not used to hearing my father use profanity, I was startled and then amused. And it certainly stuck in my memory. So, if your sentiment … Continue reading

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The Looks I Love

A number of questions popped into my head last evening whilst watching the Kevin Kline/Ashley Judd movie “De-Lovely.” The picture dripped elegance from the costuming to the sets to the dialogue. (Although it can be difficult to watch in parts, at least it has a whiz-bang production number at the end!) Continue reading

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