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Paula, a regular Easy and Elegant Life reader, shares her idea for a delightful and delicious Christmas hostess gift: Fresh Georgia pecans which have been ‘sugared’ and baked, wrapped in cellophane bags, tied with a gold […]

Tomorrow, the energetic Mrs. E. and I will pack the progeny into the car and venture to the wilds of Southern Maryland to visit a friend. The country house visit requires, as most visits do, a suitable gift. It wasn’t always this way. At one point, people thought it gauche to bring a gift. That has changed. And it is almost expected that a guest arrive with something in hand. Particularly when your friend never crosses your threshold without a picnic hamper of delicacies. Even if she is only staying for a quick drink.

The ever-patriotic Mrs. E and I recently, attended a party for a friend who became an American citizen. It was quite a festive affair with caterers, bartenders and waiters. But the piĆ©ce de resistance was the […]