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The Found Meal for CallMeAl and Mrs. E.

  In her book Found Meals of the Lost Generation: Recipes and Anecdotes from 1920s Paris, author Suzanne Rodriguez-Hunter describes the meals that she found reading the memoirs, novels, poems and anecdotes of those famous ex-pats between the wars, when Paris … Continue reading

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Having It All: Chest Colds, Allergies and “Any Human Heart”

The double whammy. I’ve got a chest cold and my allergies have me barely able to hold my head up straight or hear very well. All semblance of elegance has deserted me. On days like these, I like to curl … Continue reading

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The Promised Land

I’m in need of a little cheering up today. I’ve got a couple of very, very close friends who have the blues and there’s precious little I can do but listen, offer a cocktail and a meal or two. Life … Continue reading

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