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Don’t Distance Yourself Sartorially

Well we’re in it now. All the news outlets are reporting that everything is being shut down. Social Distancing is the rule, and that means a lot of you might be telecommuting full-time for the first time. As a matter … Continue reading

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Pocket a Little Luxury

(image: The Bayside Brush Co.) While we’re on the subject of affordable luxuries, consider the pocket comb. I’ve never been one for using a brush, my hair just doesn’t respond well to them. (Although I would love a pair of … Continue reading

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Brush Up Your Daily Ritual

(The Number 41 Slivertip Badger Brush from Progress Vulfix) Gentlemen, even if you choose to ignore all of the other suggestions that I have made over the last year, please consider changing your shaving routine for the better. I hate … Continue reading

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