Wintery Weekends Call for Comfortable Sweaters and Silk Scarves

Winter Weekend

By the time the actual winter sets in, I’m not sure how I’ll react. 76ºF yesterday and a high of 42 today. Schizophrenic weather.

I do know that there are some weekends when loafing about requires clothing that is comfortable and warm, without looking like you’re wearing a Snuggie. I love flannel, moleskin, corduroy, merino, cashmere and silk. That scarf under the merino sweater adds lightweight warmth and lends a bit of polish to a hygiene holiday when it feels too cold to leap into that shower first thing.

The polo collar, shawl collar and button-up mock neck sweaters are perfect for the middle ground when you don’t have yard work to do and don’t have any appointments scheduled. Add a few to your wardrobe this year and weather the weekend in style.