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Developing Your Easy and Elegant Eye

(Apres mois, le deluge.) There is an excellent bit of advice posted on the also very excellent blog “The Peak of Chic” today. The subject is Bunny Williams’ advice on training your eye. It is virtualy identical to the advice … Continue reading

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The Measure of a Man

(photo: Henry Poole Bespoke Tailors.) I’ve been giving some thought to this lately. There are a lot of new options for the man looking to “dress up.” Customization is the new buzz-word. And “made to measure” (su misura in Italian) … Continue reading

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Getting to the Bottom of Things: The Elegant Foot

In “His Girl Friday” Cary Grant rails at an “insignificant, pimple-headed, square-toed spy.” I forget with whom or why he is upset, he spends half the movie ranting beautifully. But that’s neither here nor there. The quote chosen is merely … Continue reading

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