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Rule No. 8 of The Middle Ground. Embrace Timeless

Look at some older photos and the clothing is as relevant now as it was cool then. How old do we think that HRH Prince Charles’ A&S English drape suit is? Or his tie? Hard to guess. This is “timeless” … Continue reading

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Rule No. 2 of the Middle Ground. Accessories Are Today’s Beautiful Tie.

If you are foregoing a tie during these business casual days, it doesn’t mean that you can’t show a little personality in your clothing. Don’t skimp on accessories. Scarves, pocket squares, gloves, briefcases, good luggage, a sleek wallet, simple watch, perfectly … Continue reading

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Bursting Out All Over

In spring colors. I mentioned that I get a bit goofy when it comes to the warmer months. At least during the day. Couple that with the online tumblr and Pinterest browsing and the prevailing influence of my digital copies … Continue reading

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