Easy and Elegant Life

The Search for Everyday Elegance and the Art of Living Well.

I find that one of my greatest joys is the anticipation that comes from planning for the weekend, or a date with always game Mrs. E., or the journey to come. Getting there is half the fun. Well, maybe not with workday travel of any kind, but hear me out. Today, we are going to start tomorrow out right.

(“Cocktail” Gerald Murphy, 1927 available through Allposters.com) “You hate people.” “I know, but I love gatherings. Isn’t it ironic?” — from “Clerks.” I like the anonimity of the city. It seems a paradox, but you aren’t […]

I’m not feeling very elegant today. The dog is throwing up (shots at the vet, poor guy), the children are covered in a thin film of mucus, the cars are covered in a heavier film of […]