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Shoulder Season Dressing: Summer-Fall

Coat: Beretta/Shirt: Varvatos/Tie: B²/Tie Pin: Vintage/Pocketsquare: Drake’s/Eyeglasses: Oliver Peoples  I had all sorts of philosophical drivel running around my head to share with you today. Than I stepped into a glorious, temperate morning. It feels like Fall; it’s sunny, breezy, … Continue reading

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Lack Of Effort or Keeping Up Standards

Jorts and a t-shirt, ball cap and running shoes. The default everyday wear around the neighborhood. It bugs me. It occurred to me that summer was coming to  a close and I had yet to don the full summer kit. … Continue reading

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Cool Breeze

The morning after a storm is always cool enough to have a cup of coffee on the new porch. Which is needed since the dog, deathly afraid of thunder, pants and drools on my head all night. Do many of … Continue reading

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