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On the Further Dangers of Costume

Brummel’s famous dictate that should the average Joe turn to look at you means that you’re over, under or ridiculously dressed, still holds true to this day.(And don’t forget that should anyone fail to notice the cut of the Beau’s … Continue reading

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Tweed, Style, and Elegance

(Avec moi, le deluge. Watch those eves when the thaw begins…) It is entirely appropriate to refer to a gentleman as well-dressed, or even stylish, when he is in tweed and/or plaid. Especially if it is between Friday and Monday … Continue reading

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Linger… Terry a While

(Via SierraTradingPost.com) Dressing has its rituals. Or at least it should; that’s part of the fun. Beau Brummel used to hold court during his toilet. He should have charged admission, or sold season tickets to stave off his inevitable bankruptcy. … Continue reading

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