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Two Colors, Two Patterns.

Alan Flusser (yes, our guru again) has often stated that the place to begin your sartorial awareness is to learn to wear a simple two color palette well. Something like a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie and shoes. It … Continue reading

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The Old Man and the …

tie. Not too long ago, a woman walked into the studio, glanced at the pew full of ties and proclaimed that we (Leviner Wood and I) had “old men’s ties.” Ummmm….? Today, I figure, ties are so rarely worn that … Continue reading

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First Steps: Understanding the Idiom of Smart Casual.

Perhaps a poor choice of title, since it may not be possible for all concerned to agree upon the definition of “smart casual.” I may have put the cart before the horse in my last post when I “started from … Continue reading

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