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Welcome to the Icon Collections from T Christopher Cox on Vimeo.

This section is for subscribers to the Easy and Elegant Life Icon collection of clothing. Your $100 registration fee grants you access to proprietary videos that walk you through our measuring and ordering process. You will also receive your Easy and Elegant Life Icon tape measure. The fee will be credited to your first purchase and is a one time charge.

Using our system, we will get the fit of your clothing much closer than you will find in any off the rack garment (provided that you aren’t a perfect fit model!) and I’ve kept the prices reasonable to ensure that any tweaks that a local alterations tailor won’t bankrupt you. Depending on fabrics, suits will hover around the $1,500 mark, shirts in rafts of three will run around $500. At this level of craftsmanship, you will be hard pressed to find a better value in a custom garment.

The clothing that I’ve designed is based on slightly updated classic silhouettes from the Golden Age of Menswear and the Golden Age of Hollywood — roughly 1930 to 1960 — and is made to measure to the highest standards. Hand sewn curved seams, full floating canvas in the chest, hand felted collars, working surgeon’s cuffs (should you desire), and curtain waistbands are just some of the “extras” that I’ve had built into our suits and sportcoats. I’ve hand selected the fabrics to be durable, stylish and weighty enough whilst remaining very wearable in today’s climate controlled world.

Each suit or sportcoat will be shown with several shirt and tie combinations (and soon to come, shoes!) to give you an idea of how to put them together or you may buy the complete “look”. It is my hope to build you a perfectly elegant wardrobe that will ensure that you are well-dressed even if you reach blindly into your closet and pull out the first things that you touch.


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