Sick Days


Does this happen to you?

I’m ill today. Laryngitis. Which means I’ve caught a virus from one or both of the children. It’s raining, too. I meant to throw on a pair of cavalry twill trousers and my double soled cordovan brogues with a shirt and the Barbour jacket. The next thing I know, I’m pulling on the suit and tie. Ill-fitted, isn’t it? It’s an old twill Lauren by Ralph Lauren about a size too big and tailored with a very full break at the cuffs. So I’ll ditch the jacket and don the Barbour. I’ll loosen my tie to check for strep throat anyway… .

What to take away from this post? Fit matters. And, the worse you feel the better you should dress; especially if you’ve got to go out. It sort of cheers you up. At least a little.

No tie arch… again.

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Dick Cavett, Richard Burton, Reality TV

Dick Cavett Interviews Sir Richard Burton

I’ve never been a fan of reality television. I don’t even watch those competitions. (Especially “Dancing with the Stars.” I think that they are all spectacular — at least the clips they show on the “news” and the commenting by the judges that others have passed on to me sounds awful. Things have gotten just too … snarky (?) for me.

And that’s why you have to love the internet, Charlie Rose, and Dick Cavett, not necessarily in that order.

If you’ve got a moment (and the half hour will seem to be just that — an all-too-brief moment) please treat yourself to the thrill of watching Mr. Cavett and Sir Richard Burton.

Reality should be a lot more like this. (Reading Mr. Cavett’s column will also put a smile on your face.)

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Garynahine Harris Tweed

Garynahine Harris Tweed

There’s a new Harris Tweed producer. Garynahine Harris Tweed is based in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and run by crofter and weaver John R MacLean. This is the real stuff, handcrafted, protected by an act of Parliment, dyed at local mills in colours that reflect the surroundings. It’s fall. It’s time to think tweed.

Click on the photo above to learn more about this most wonderful fabric and the painstaking process that goes into creating it by hand. Then send the link to your tailor…

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