I had to have them. And I’ll probably wear them with just about everything this summer. It’s nice to slip into something a little lighter than the standard black or brown shoe every once in a while, especially when the sun is bleaching out all color anyway.

What about you? Would you wear spectator/correspondent shoes? White shoes? Tan? Camel? Royal Blue? Where does your threshold lie outside of the office? Would you wear them with dark trousers? And for what occasions would you lighten up?


April is a strange month. It starts out chilly and ends up warm almost every day. But for those days when the temps hover in the high 50’s to low 60’s, I love to drag out a cotton sweater. Worn over a t-shirt and with something around my neck, I can pair a sweater with odd trousers, loafers and a blue blazer for casual events. Like watching my daughter in the fourth grade production of “101 Dalmatians” or enjoying a leisurely brunch. And yes, that is my white trench thrown over my arm…

A navy blazer doesn’t always call for a button-down shirt. Try something new this weekend. It’s sweater weather, after all.


Wait long enough and you are lucky enough to see trends come back. Can and/or would you still wear them though? I took a gamble on a long-coveted white trench coat. This one is Burberry Brit and cut quite a bit trimmer then they used to be. But, I am in 7th heaven! Absolutely impractical, and really good looking in my opinion!


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