“Accessible without being mundane.”

 — Leonard Bernstein on “Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.”

Begin the morning with an inspiring piece of music. Today on “Performance Today“, Mr. Child featured songs about peace in celebration of the International Day of Peace. It was a wonderful, restful, invigorating start to a chilly and cloudy day punctuated by the cyclists whizzing past on the UCI circuit.

I used to start every Sunday morning with the theme to the BBC production of “Brideshead Revisited.” It drove Mrs. E. to distraction as it thundered through speakers large and small. Still, it set the tone for the day, lending a bit of pomp and circumstance, a stately pace, and an autumnal sort of joy.

Music that inspires can have the same effect on the way you choose to dress in the morning. In these casual days, perhaps we should all strive for “accessible without being mundane.”



The other day, this fellow perched here and I had a conversation. It revolved around many things (that kick by Liverpool against Man U.!), not the least of which was the all-important subject of patterned clothing. I’m all for it (as those of you who have seen my red Southwick number will attest.) There are those who are agin’ it on principle (TV used to break up the lines too much — a jarring sight.) Somewhere in the middle fall most men. But there’s no doubt, patterns are making a reappearance, mostly in the small and conservative vein.

I think that almost any pattern, save a very strong chalk or pinstripe, makes a man a bit more accessible. Certainly that’s what sales man Herb Tarlick and his ilk must have felt in adopting all those outrageous designs so unfortunately available during the 1970’s. But by taking half measures, anyone can work up to wearing an easy-going plaid, stripe, or ‘pane, without sacrificing dignity. Our man above isn’t even wearing trousers and looks just as confident.

Speaking of… . You can always pair the suit coat with odd trousers (grey goes with everything) and pack less for a weekend.


Working on some more relevant posts, but at the moment, I’m frustrated by the boot.

Attempts to wear trousers have met with little success and besides, the boot’s black. Which bugs me. I don’t suppose it would make any sense to have it any other color, but at least I wouldn’t feel funny about wearing brown loafers, as is most often my habit.

At any rate, back very soon with something besides this drivel. Thanks for your patience.

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