It’s MO-vember, Not No-Shave-November

2015, practicing the moustache wiggle.

Bit of a pet peeve. It is the beginning of Movember, the month that sees men growing moustaches in order to call attention to men’s health issues. In my case, testicular cancer, which many of you know, I’ve had twice.

It is NOT, “No-shave-November.” That’s a cop-out. Growing a beard barely elicits a second glance these days. But people will ask you about a moustache. And then you can tell them why the ol’ soup strainer is in its infancy — much like the awareness of men’s health issues.

So, please, grow your beard if you like, but don’t claim that you’re participating in the glorious ridiculousness that only an Aussie could have imagined. Movember, takes testicular fortitude and a willingness to look a little foolish for a very good cause.

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4 Responses to It’s MO-vember, Not No-Shave-November

  1. Todd Kunz says:

    Chris, you look great as usual, and their is no other email that I more look forward to than those from you. I have learned so much over the years from your sartorial admonishments. Thank you for that.

  2. Todd Kunz says:

    LOL, I sure wish I could edit my comments. I meant there, not their.

  3. The Elegantologist says:

    No worries, Todd! Many thanks for the years of attention and the insightful commentary!

  4. Looking good – as always! xoxo

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