Coming Home. The Weather Is Delightful!

Wow, what a day. And always fun to visit Leviner Wood — especially with the studio looking so good.

Might be time for a haircut. Or stronger pomade.

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4 Responses to Coming Home. The Weather Is Delightful!

  1. Ari says:

    Now, that’s sprez. Deceptively insouciant in demeanor and its wearing, yet tailored impeccably. Everything just fits. The right amount of cuff, perfect break, great shoes, jacket shoulders ideal…bravo!

  2. Ari, wow! Many thanks. The jacket took over 70 man hours to make. So it’s nice to know they got it right! (They also begged me not to ask for one again…. ha!)

  3. Greg wingfield says:

    I remember when you had that Norfolk Jacket made at Larry’s shop!
    Gorgeous creation!

  4. I’ve really come to use it as it was intended. It is a good one, thanks Greg!

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