Obsolete? Eternally Elegant? Too… Too?


Recently, a client asked if tab collars were out of style. Never! Out of fashion, yes. Out of style, no.

So it is with many of the gewgaws of classic style. Take the collar bar (I know, ADG, it’s not a pin — it was an afterthought.) This one is circa 1930-something and does a fine job of elevating the tie knot whilst keeping your collars from flapping about. That’s all it does. Aside from add some visual interest near your face.

I’m also wearing a tie bar, nonchalantly slanted downwards, that is keeping the tie in place since I’ve forgone a vest or sweater on a warmish winter’s day. Both the collar and the tie bar are in gold and match my watch case and cufflinks.

Cufflinks, collar bars and tie bars are all outmoded in today’s sleek and minimal fashion. (Mad Men style aside, which relies on tie bars.) But they can say a bit about your personal style. Details, matter. And, in the most conservative office environs — if there are any left — elements of classic style are often appreciated at a certain level of professional achievement.

The difficulty arises with the delicate balancing act of looking well-dressed without looking costume-y. That’s something you have to decide for yourself.

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