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Rule No. 9 of The Middle Ground. The Right Cut.

  This has got to be one of the more ignored or misunderstood topics out there. At least if the appearance of the man on the  street is anything to judge by. The right cut for your clothes is crucial … Continue reading

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Rule No. 8 of The Middle Ground. Embrace Timeless

Look at some older photos and the clothing is as relevant now as it was cool then. How old do we think that HRH Prince Charles’ A&S English drape suit is? Or his tie? Hard to guess. This is “timeless” … Continue reading

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The Heat Is On: Elegant Dressing in Warmer Months

This topic is near and dear to the heart of any Southerner. When summer comes we often talk of the “three h’s.” Hazy. Hot. Humid.  Even as far north as Washington, D.C., which we all know was built on a … Continue reading

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