Rule No. 2 of the Middle Ground. Accessories Are Today’s Beautiful Tie.


Drake’s of London shows us what a little colour can do. Click through to shop.

If you are foregoing a tie during these business casual days, it doesn’t mean that you can’t show a little personality in your clothing. Don’t skimp on accessories. Scarves, pocket squares, gloves, briefcases, good luggage, a sleek wallet, simple watch, perfectly suited glasses, the latest tech, a good pen, and an exotic belt can all lend a very discreet level of sophistication and elegance to any business man’s wardrobe.

Age of Reason has some very witty squares. Click through.

Age of Reason has some very witty squares. Click through.


Smythson’s Top Secret notebook is far from ordinary, yet still tasteful.

Dunhill's Limited Edition Shagreen Fountain Pen.

Dunhill’s Limited Edition Shagreen Fountain Pen.

iPhone 5s 64GB Silver  CDMA  Verizon Wireless   Apple Store  U.S.

I’m a sucker for Apple products and the new finishes on the iPhone5S are very elegant.

With it's eight day power reserve, this IWC Portofino watch needn't be hand-wound everyday.

With it’s eight-day power reserve, this IWC Portofino watch needn’t be hand-wound everyday.

Just a few suggestions that rely more on the style of things rather than the brand. I certainly can’t afford an IWC watch, for example, but I admire their reserve — simple, very elegant. Feel free to add any accessoriesyou find that are elegant, sleek and perfect for the 21st Century Man.


(N.B. It occurs to me that I tend to match my accessories. All black, all tan,  etc. . And I probably do that based on my shoes/outerwear. I find that one “colour-story” is sort of like the dark suit, white shirt rule. Never fail.)






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3 Responses to Rule No. 2 of the Middle Ground. Accessories Are Today’s Beautiful Tie.

  1. Dear Chris,
    Couldn’t agree more with that one colour story! It always looks far more put together and sophisticated.
    Enjoy your upcoming weekend; ‘in style’…

  2. Todd Kunz says:

    Chris, your are so right. Accessories are key. A pocket square adds immensely to your style statement and an appropriate watch and shoes speak volumes. None of these need to be expensive to be elegant. Keeping things simple and clean are foundational if you want to add a sense of sophistication, which you seem to have mastered.

  3. Nicholas says:

    I’m not sure if I can get behind a pocket square in lieu of a tie. It strikes me as if they want it both ways, “I respect tradition, but look how creative I can be!”
    However this doesn’t mean I can’t see it on someone else, I’d just be too self conscious to wear it.

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