A New Year Without Back Pain? What a Gift!


Dalys 1895 Sterling Handmade Moneyclip in 18 gauge silver. USD$125

Let’s face it, that back pocket “hipster” billfold is far too bulky. It causes tears in trousers, and whatever ligaments hold together your spine. Sitting on a bulky wallet is a recipe for pain. Think how pleased the recipient of a sterling silver money clip and a beautiful coat wallet or card case will be opening these presents on Christmas Day! The prospect of being more elegantly accessorized and pain-free? It justifies the splurge.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.17.40 AM

Dunhill’s Chassis Coat Wallet. 10cc with zippered pocket. USD$365

Coach's Slim Card Case in Water Buffalo, USD$58.

Coach’s Slim Card Case in Water Buffalo, USD$58.


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