A Different Kind of Proper Topper

The Twelve Days are upon us. And so is the weather. In my eternal quest to find really warm, yet stylish, gear for Mrs. E., I stumbled across this:

pategoniaULDJThe Patagonia Ultralight Down Jacket.  Yes, it was a bit expensive, even on sale, but it has been a game changer. So much so that I bought the Ultralight Down Sweater for her to wear around the house. This would make a great stocking stuffer as it folds down into absolutely nothing. Amazing technology! Wear it alone or as a liner to a favorite warmer weather coat. Fit, finish and colors are all fantastic. (I wound up with an orange one…)


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5 Responses to A Different Kind of Proper Topper

  1. I have a down sweater and I adore it. My husband was trying to decide which one (ultralight v sweater) he wanted. I’m forwarding this to him so perhaps he can finally decide!

  2. Lovely post, as per usual. But the Twelve Days start with Christmas Day, and run into January, until Twelfth Night and the then the feast of the Epiphany. Just to clarify!

  3. Hi Valerie, Funny you should post your comment as I thought that I should clarify my statement. It’s twelve shopping days until Christmas. But I’m glad you did. In France, we used to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and leave it up through Epiphany! A lovely tradition. Easier to understand than starting right after Thanksgiving.

  4. Woody87 says:

    Way to take care of my sister, Mr Blog-Man!

  5. Woody87, Happy to do so. It goes both ways you know!

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