Doubled Up

Doubled Up

It is just cool enough these days to break out the double-breasted suit. This is a Canali in navy blue birdseye. It is worn with a blue and tan striped shirt and an unlined, self-tipped navy tie with green and maroon flowers (A Suitable Wardrobe, again), and the Sloop slip-on in dark brown suede. DB’s were once three pieced, a great boon in the pre-climate-controlled-interior days. Today, their style transcends their function.

I’ve double up in another way, too. That’s my watch I’m holding in my hands. My shirt sleeve cuffs are too tight to wear the watch on my wrist unless I pull an Agnelli and strap it over the cuff. I’m carrying my cell phone, of course, and that has a very accurate clock. In the cell phone pocket of my suit coat I could think of it as a pocket watch, although it is more difficult to access. In fact, the alarms I have set up produce my Pavlovian response to completing errands and tasks.

You’ll also notice that I’m standing in front of my grandfather’s grandfather clock. I haven’t wound it up and let it keep time since the chiming of the bell is too loud in the middle of the night, but it does bring up another point; we’re surrounded by clocks.

Why then do we continue to buy, wear and admire wristwatches? I suspect that, beyond their functionality, they are small pieces of art. Many are also keepsakes. We remember where we were in life when we acquired them. Some are heirlooms. Some were meticulously researched and chosen with great care. They are also one of the few statement pieces that are acceptable for a man to wear. Style, announcing how we see ourselves, often transcending function. A good reason to choose a DB and wear a wristwatch.

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