I Went Out Walking…

Brodie on the proch

Today’s morning dog walk brought to mind another small incivility that has become the norm around this little town. I wonder why?

Along our beautiful Monument Avenue the sidewalks are just wide enough to walk two abreast.

I spend a lot of time stepping out-of-the-way of people walking towards me. I can’t remember a time when someone stepped aside or into single file to allow me to pass. I guess that went out with tipping your hat to a woman you know when encountering her in public.

Perhaps it’s because I am often walking alone or with the dog and I am expected to stand aside? I do so in the case of joggers as I hate to have them break stride or leap into the street to avoid me. Or it might be that we spend so much time in our cars that we’ve forgotten the social contract by which we should abide when in public.

At least those who made eye contact with me will smile and nod if I say “Good morning.” It’s a start.

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