So, it’s Spring? 28°F (-2.2C), snow flurries yesterday… . I’m taking the occasion to wear a heavy sweater and grey flannels for what I hope will be the last time this Spring. The scarf can be hard to pull off, but it hides the pasty winter skin without having to resort to a tie today. I’ve got lots to do. So … happy Friday.


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2 Responses to Swinter Friday

  1. Dear Chris,
    Love your Ascot tie!
    In your last posting bout ‘High Five’ I forgot to mention the luxury of having in all three of our bathrooms, exhaust fans with light and heater. Running the heater in winter time, or even in the spring is pure BLISS!
    Have a nice weekend and stay warm; think positive and let’s hope that by Easter weekend, spring will really settle with us!

  2. Fred Woodaman says:

    Hello my brother. Its been almost two weeks since your last but the theme of the late winter of our discontent continues. Ran soccer practice for your neice and her li’l pals last night. Everyone in sweats and they should have been wearing gloves. Brrrr.

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