High Five

There are a few products that make my morning more enjoyable that aren’t sartorially related. So few that I can narrow them down to five things that really have an impact on my morning routine and my happiness quotient. It’s the little things that count…




Cade Shaving cream was a gift from Corporate Creature, whose dermatologist recommended it for those with sensitive skin. I can’t get over the scent, juniper. sandalwood, immortale and rosemary. It makes me want to breath deeply. Truly a pleasurable way to start the morning. So much so, in fact, that I’m headed for our local boutique to buy the aftershave balm today.


I love my illy coffee maker, but sometimes I get coffee’d out, Especially if I have a cold; which seems to have  been most of this winter. In those cases, I turn to tea. Two days ago I visited Carytown Teas where owner Patricia Guillouard imports and blends the finest teas available to humanity. I’ve drunk Blood Orange Pu-erh for the past two days and it may be my imagination, but I feel great!


I’m drying out. At least my skin is. Since I’m in my middle-age, it’s to be expected. But that doesn’t mean I have to live with it. Especially when my lips get dry. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lipbalm is the best I’ve used that is readily available. Maybe it’s the peppermint. I love peppermint.


Yes, I love my jazz (Bill Evans, unreal…), my Bossa Nova, my early punk and New Wave music, but it is American Public Media’s Performance Today that is the soundtrack of my work-at-home life. Fred Child’s voice and programming make for a seriously elegant entry into any day. I tune it in on my Tivoli Model One when I have to go out and the puppy is in his crate.


And, finally, my iPhone 4. I’ll upgrade one day, but this thing has truly changed my life. The second thing I do in the morning is to check my weather by pulling down the notifications screen. I just added the Tivoli radio app to it this instant….

Do you have any morning favourites that you’d like to pass along? Please do. We’re all in this morning thing together.

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