Socking It to Ol’ Man Winter


A few newly arrived winter socks now that the mercury has fallen through the floor (13°F last night!?) Reading from left to right: Expedition socks from Goodhew; Falke thick boot socks; Byford cashmere, SmartWool PhD; Falke Airport Socks; Scott Nicol for Pantherella. All in wool or wool-cotton blends and all through Sierra Trading Post.


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3 Responses to Socking It to Ol’ Man Winter

  1. marston6 says:

    Thank you for the photo of your socks. I am wondering what sort of person would be interested in such a thing. Stil, I expect you had fun arranging them.

  2. CashmereLibrarian says:

    Smart wool is awesome, but I admit I like knitting my own crazily striped wool socks for winter!

  3. marston6, the same sort who shills unlimited broadband, I expect.

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