It’s chilly out. I’m wondering if wearing a tie under a sweater requires a sport coat or not? Could I get away with my Barbour quilted jacket?


Rounding things out: moss brown moleskin trousers (Barry Bricken) and chocolate suede chukka boots with brick red rubber soles by Cole Haan.

5 Responses to Wondering About Coats

  1. Chris, guess you still win hands down from most male’s dressing style if you wear your Barbour quilted jacket! Stay warm and enjoy the season.

  2. Todd Kunz says:

    Chris, to balance everything in this outfit, what material do you need your tie to be made of?

  3. Hi Todd, I will probably go for a rougher texture — a tweed or heavier wool — staying away from worsted and other smooth handed fabrics. Cashmere ties and sweaters call for country clothing in my book.

  4. pvedesign says:

    love the look. you might need to have a tie w/ a tweed jacket and then the barbour.

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