Last evening, Mrs. E. and I, deciding on a break from the very intense “Homeland” series, prowled around the new releases on Netflix instant watch and found “W.E.” . The story juxtaposes a modern Manhattanite couple with David and Mrs. Simpson. Madonna and Co. really got Wallis Simpson right, in terms of looks. They were terribly generous with the Duke of Windsor by casting James D’Arcy.  The movie is, at least, incredibly stylish and I recommend it for that alone. It also made me wish I had made it to the auction of the estate. Ah well, at least I have the catalogue.

Of particular sartorial note was the yellow and grey combination rarely seen today. However, if you have the hair colouring and complexion for it, this is a very elegant look in my book. James D’Arcy’s Duke of Windsor paired this with dark brown suede shoes (of course) and yellow socks. The pocket square had a yellow bit to it, too. Apologies for the screen shot from the trailer, it was the only image I could find of the combination.


Click through the photo below if you would like to watch the trailer. W.E. looked good to me.

5 Responses to W.E. Dress Well and Look Great.

  1. katiedid says:

    Looks like a perfect Autumn evening watch! Thanks for the tip. ;)

  2. I really enjoyed the Wallace and Edward storyline of W.E., I found the modern storyline to be a distraction… Thought the costumes were impeccable. Andrea Riseborough did a great job as Wallace!

  3. That’s a pleasure to see some stylish and impeccable British costumes! British suits have always been my husbands favorite… Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  4. Joe Frances says:

    Actually, the clothes in “Edward and Mrs. Simpson” starring Edward Fox (which may still be available on A&E video) is a far superior the things worn in this work. It is pretty good, but the earlier six-party series is a true delight to anyone who loves clothes– both his and hers.

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